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Flat Feet in Elgin

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Treating flat feet in Elgin

Flat Feet in Elgin
Flat Feet in Elgin

There are certain foot problems that come about due to injury and others that are side effects of diseases and still others that are genetically linked. Having flat feet in Elgin is one that can be related to all three causes. While it doesn’t always lead to problems and complications, if you do experience pain or you would just like to avoid it, Alm Foot Care is here to help.

You might be wondering what flat feet are exactly? Well, it refers to circumstances in which the arch of your foot that runs horizontally along the sole of your foot is lowered or flat. This can happen in just one foot or in both. You may not be aware of this, but most of us have flat feet from age 3 to 5. After that, the longitudinal arch develops. But both children and adults are susceptible to flat feet from that age forward. As discussed earlier, you can inherit it or it may develop because of such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or a stroke. Flat feet can also occur as the result of an injury or because of certain lifestyle changes. For example, sudden and/or severe weight gain may be responsible for developing flat feet. If you do a lot of standing, walking, running, or jumping, this could also be a reason for flat feet in Elgin. Or it could be the shoes that you wear. It’s important to have footwear that is comfortable and has sufficient room inside. If that is not the case, you are at a greater risk for having flat feet.

The only symptom that is associated with flat feet is foot pain. Fortunately, treating flat feet in Elgin¬†is usually a fairly simple but highly effective matter of prescribing shoe insoles to correct the problem. That along with wearing shoes that are roomy and comfortable and that have superior arch support that give your feet a higher degree of cushioning are often enough to relieve any pain you may be feeling. Don’t worry. Surgery is not a typical treatment needed for flat feet. So call us today and schedule an appointment.

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