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Podiatrist in Elgin

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Elgin Painful Heel Treatments

Podiatrist in Elgin
Podiatrist in Elgin

Taking care of your feet may not be something that you actively think about. In fact, a lot of people don’t, until something happens that gets their attention. Whether you are experiencing problems due to a development or an injury, or are dealing with issues that are the result of a deformity, our podiatrist in Elgin can help provide you with the foot care that you need here at Alm Foot Care. Our podiatrists – Dr. Alm, Dr. Balding and Dr. Larson – can help patients with a variety of foot issues and concerns, including heel pain or flat feet.

Sometimes, simply using your feet can cause problems. Heel pain is often caused by overuse and is not the result of an injury or an accident. Heel pain usually occurs in people who are on their feet often, who may not wear shoes with proper support or sufficient cushioning, people who run often or too vigorously especially on hard surfaces, people who land too hard on their heel when they walk or people who turn awkwardly on their heel when simply maneuvering about. Heel pain may not be serious, but it can certainly interfere with your everyday life and comfort. There are several options for treatment available to you when it comes to heel pain, but this will depend on the severity of your pain and discomfort. In order to find the best possible method, you may need to come in to Alm Foot Care and see one of our podiatrists in Elgin for a full diagnosis and for expert advice.

Our podiatrists here at Alm Foot Care can also help treat flat feet as well as they can treat painful heels. Unlike heel pain, flat feet are inherited and often appear in individuals with a family history of the condition or other foot problems. Not all flat feet need care, as some people with this condition never experience discomfort or other foot problems. Some people may experience pain, difficulty fitting into shoes, or an overall postural weakness because of their flat feet. If you are experiencing this, it is better to get treatment as soon as possible so as to prevent future complications. Our podiatrists in Elgin can examine your feet thoroughly and determine what method of treatment will be best in order to address your concerns and your needs.

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