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Gout Treatment in Elgin

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Gout treatment in Elgin
Gout treatment in Elgin

Many of our patients at Alm Foot Care have come to our podiatry office for gout treatment in Elgin. Gout is a very painful condition. The most common site is the big toe joint, but can af-fect any joint of the body. This condition can be effectively be treated by injection therapy from your podiatrist and/or oral medications such as anti-inflammatories.

The exact cause of gout is unknown, although it may be related to genetics. What we do know, however, is that is a certain arthritis triggered by too much uric acid in the blood, also known as hyperuricemia. This can be brought on by diet and body weight, certain medica-tions, major illness, certain medical conditions, or surgery. Symptoms of gout include warmth, pain, swelling, and extreme tenderness in a joint. This is usually in the big toe joint. Call or see your podiatrist, Dr. Alm, right away if you have severe pain in a single joint that comes on very quickly, or if you have swollen, tender joints with warm, red skin over them. It’s important to call your podiatrist for gout treatment in Elgin even if the pain from gout has stopped. To manage long-term gout and prevent future attacks, Dr. Alm may prescribe medications that can prevent and even reverse the buildup of uric acid. It is also important to manage your weight, get exercise, and limit your intake of alcohol, meat, and seafood.

The goals of gout treatment in Elgin revolve around fast pain relief and prevention of future attacks, as on-going and long-term complications can lead to joint destruction and even kid-ney damage. You can treat your gout at home by resting the affected joint, using ice to re-duce swelling as well as take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. If your symptoms persist, or have occurred on and off without medical treatment for several years, than it is especially im-portant for you to contact Dr. Alm today for treatment.

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