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Corns and Calluses in Carol Stream

Carol Stream Podiatrist
Carol Stream Podiatrist

Corns and calluses may be small in size, but the discomfort that they can cause is most certainly not small. Here at Alm Foot Care, we’re dedicated to providing relief for all manner of foot problems, and with the appropriate treatment options, our Carol Stream podiatrist will be able to help you lose corns and calluses and avoid complications that may occur as a result of not addressing them in a timely manner.

When your foot is subject to the effects of excess pressure or friction, it forms a corn or callus as a shield against damage. The cause of that excess pressure or friction is often due to having footwear that is unsupportive or because of the impact of the ground on your feet as you walk or run. And if you have a hammertoe or a bunion, this can also lead to the formation of a corn. Other corns, softer ones, can grow between your toes and this is typically due to toes rubbing against one another. You’ll know you have a corn or callus when you look at it. Calluses are usually gray or yellow in color, and are hard, dry, and thick. Hard corns may have a grayish middle and a yellow ring around it that is softer. A soft corn appears similar to an open sore. They aren’t always accompanied by pain, but when they do, you will notice it. You should contact our Carol Stream podiatrist to evaluate a corn or callus and recommend an applicable treatment. Recommendations can includes changing to more comfortable shoes, using toe separators or other kinds of protective padding, or soaking in warm water. Our Carol Stream podiatrist may also suggest that the corn or callus be trimmed at our office.

In persistent cases, a shoe orthotic can be helpful. Surgery is a last resort, and is only necessary in rare cases. The bottom line is that you should not ignore corns and calluses. Call our office and book an appointment to have yours taken care of.

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