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Podiatry Office in South Elgin

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Corns and calluses in South Elgin

Podiatry office in South Elgin
Podiatry office in South Elgin

At Alm Foot Care, our podiatry office in South Elgin is a very well known and respected podiatry practice, serving patients all around the area with foot ailments such as heel pain, corns and calluses, hammertoes, arthritis and more. Corns and calluses may be prevented by reducing the circumstances that lead to these hardened, bumpy patches of skin on feet. They may be painful and sore, or flaky and dry.

Corns and calluses are thickened areas of the skin that happen due to repeated pressure over time. Symptoms are pain, tenderness, bumps and trouble walking on large calluses. Because of the pressure, the corn or callus becomes a diffused and flattened area of skin (a callus) or a thick area with a conical or circular shape (a corn). They can appear on the feet and sometimes even the fingers, and are painful. Most corns form on the bottom of the foot over the metatarsal arc or on the outside of the toe, where the toe rubs against the shoe. Sometimes they can develop in between toes, but they are white in color and soft. Our podiatry office in South Elgin treats corns and calluses with different types of medicated products that work to pare down the thick, dead skin using a salicyclic acid solution.

People with fragile skin or poor skin circulation on the feet are more susceptible to corns and calluses. The condition can be lessened or eliminated entirely if the patient reduces their circumstances that lead to the corns and calluses, such as pressure on the feet, standing, and prolonged periods of standing and pressure. For more information, call our podiatry office in South Elgin today to find out what kind of treatment we can offer you for your foot conditions and to help take care of any other foot problems you may be suffering from.

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