Foot Doctor in Bartlett Illinois

Treating common foot problems in Bartlett Illinois

Foot doctor in Bartlett Illinois

Foot doctor in Bartlett Illinois

Our foot doctor in Bartlett Illinois is your specialist to count on when you have a foot issue. Here at Alm Foot Care, we handle everything from the typical to the unusual, but some of the common foot problems that we treat are gout, Achille’s tendonitis, hammertoes, and bunions, among others.

Gout can be very painful. Often, there are no warning signs. You will notice redness and swelling in the big toe joint, or possibly other parts of your foot. Obesity, alcohol use, and foods high in uric acid will all increase your risk for getting gout, but it can also be an inherited condition, so you may be more prone to it on that basis. Our foot doctor in Bartlett Illinois can offer medication either directly to the foot with injections, or taken orally. Supportive dressings and special shoes can also be helpful. Pain located in your heel could be a sign of Achille’s tendonitis. It can be brought on from overworking your feet or from wearing shoes with unsupportive heels. Many times, this condition is worse when you wake up or start walking after having rested. In addition to injection therapy or anti-inflammatory drugs, wearing shoes without heels and reducing your activity may also be recommended. Hammertoes occur when your toe’s middle joint becomes stuck in the flexed position. This can either be flexible or rigid, which also points toward treatment. Arthritis and heredity both play a part in developing hammertoe, but ill-fitting shoes may also be at fault. A shoe orthotic (insert), can be sufficient for flexible ones. Rigid ones nearly always require surgery, though. And bunions are small boney protrusions at the base of your big toe. Again, pressure on the joint and footwear can be the causes. Bunions or arch supports will redistribute the weight on your foot. Surgery is a last resort.

The bottom line is that our foot doctor in Bartlett Illinois will address your foot concerns and get you back to a healthy, pain-free state. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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