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Foot Pain Doctor Bartlett

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Heel pain in Bartlett

Foot pain doctor Bartlett
Foot pain doctor Bartlett

Heel pain can be challenging to live with. When it comes to chronic pain, it may prevent you from feeling comfortable or performing everyday tasks. If you ever experience anything out of the ordinary, especially if it is causing you pain or creating discomfort, it is important that you discuss these changes with a doctor. For heel pain, you need a foot specialist. Here at Alm Foot Care, our foot pain doctor Bartlett can take a look at your condition, determine the cause, and the best way to treat it as well.

Heel pain can be caused by several things. One of the most common causes is plantar fasciitis, which is a chronic condition due to inflammation. More specifically, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the muscle that runs along the bottom of your foot, where the heel is. This inflammation can cause regular pain that prevents you from walking or getting around comfortably. With plantar fasciitis, you may begin to experience pain earlier on in the day that continues to come back the more you walk or move around. Heel pain may also be the result of a bone spur, in which case an x-ray is needed to identify the issue so treatment can be administered. A bone spur is a growth that may protrude from the normal bone structure and create problems. Heel pain might also be caused by poor foot support, ill-fitting shoes or other injuries to the muscle other than inflammation, and our foot pain doctor Bartlett is here to make sure that the cause is identified. From there, we here at Alm Foot Care can provide you with what you need to get better.

As soon as you notice heel pain, you should begin looking into seeing a podiatrist. The sooner you get help, the easier treatment will be and the sooner your pain will disappear. Call us here at Alm Foot Care to learn more about the podiatry services we offer and to set up your visit with our foot pain doctor Bartlett as well.

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