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Orthotics in Elgin IL

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Custom orthotics in Elgin IL

Orthotics in Elgin IL
Orthotics in Elgin IL

At Alm Foot Care, we create custom made orthotics in Elgin IL for our patients. Custom orthotics are designed to help foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoe and other irritable foot conditions that can prevent the patient from walking. Oftentimes, problems like bunions can be so painful that the patient can barely walk. We provide relief with custom foot orthotics.

Bunions are a progressive foot condition that affects the joint of the big toe. Bunions cause deformities by spreading the metatarsal bone so the big toe appears to be moving inward, enlarging the joint until, it becomes painful and deformed over time. Bunions stick out to the side of the foot and end up constantly rubbing against shoes. Arthritis can also affect the joint more easily, causing it to become stiff and sore. Bunions affect thousands of people each year and the condition can progress to an even worse state if it is not treated in time, becoming debilitating. Our foot orthotics in Elgin IL are also known as modified shoes. Surgery is also an option for severe bunions.

We first try non-invasive treatment such as orthotics in Elgin IL before recommending surgery. Orthotic shoes may be created to take the pain of splints and bunions away by easing up on the rubbing and irritation. For more mild cases and temporary relief, acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory medicines can help reduce swelling. Ice, staying off feet and wearing more comfortable shoes can provide relief. It is not recommended to wear tight fitting shoes or poorly fitted shoes. When bunions become extremely restrictive, surgery options can be highly effective to relieve bunions permanently. Ask us about our different treatment methods so that we can figure out which one is best for you. We’ll make sure that you get treatment and relief quickly, so that you can go back to everyday activities with ease.

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