Foot specialist in Streamwood

Foot Specialist in Streamwood

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Treating calluses in Streamwood

Foot specialist in Streamwood
Foot specialist in Streamwood

A callus is a painful and rough patch on the foot, usually near the toe. At Alm Foot Care, our foot specialist in Streamwood can treat your foot callus and fix it so that it’s softened and doesn’t cause pain any longer. Bunions can cause hammertoes, calluses and shin splints, so bunion treatment is the first step for treating calluses that have stemmed from a bunion.

Calluses are thick layers of skin that harden as the skin tries to protect itself against pressure and friction. Calluses usually form on the hands, toes, fingers and feet. Pressure and constant standing and rubbing can cause calluses and corns. Diabetes can also cause calluses because of poor blood flow to the feet, which can cause complications for the diabetic. Our foot specialist in Streamwood can treat calluses if the patient wants them removed or if they are especially painful. If the callus becomes inflamed, patients should see their doctor. Ill-fitting shoes and friction can cause calluses to get worse. Calluses can happen as a result of hammertoe.

Hammertoes can also cause pain and soreness in the foot, and should be treated before they become worse. Hammertoe happens when there is an imbalance between the muscle and the ligament around the toe joint. This causes the middle toe joint to bend into an awkward position. It becomes stuck in place and can be irritating and causes rubbing against the shoe and toe. Patients should wear shoes that are wide at the toe, and which give space between the toe and tip of the shoe. Refraining from wearing high heels frequently and wearing appropriate shoes is also recommended. Ice and aspirin can also be used to help relieve swelling. Our foot specialist in Streamwood can also create an insert that you can wear inside the shoe to reduce pain.

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