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Foot Injury Treatment in Elgin

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Treating common foot injuries in Elgin

Foot injury treatment in Elgin
Foot injury treatment in Elgin

Alm Foot Care is your number one specialist for foot injury treatment in Elgin. Treating foot injuries is our speciality, so if you are suffering from a foot injury, whether mild or severe, we can help. Call today to find out how we can help you walk safely and comfortably again. The goal of our foot treatment is for our patients to feel better immediately and to eradicate their foot pain.

At Alm Foot Care we offer patients orthotics for some of their foot injury treatment in Elgin as well as diabetic foot care, and treatment for other problems of the foot and ankle. Orthotics are devices used to support the foot in the form of custom shoe inserts that help to relieve discomfort and pain. Orthotics treat imbalances and diabetic foot problems. Foot orthotics should be comfortable and well fitted. The goal of orthotic therapy is to provide support to the patient in the form of a comfortable shoe. Orthotics help patients live pain free lifestyles and feel better about walking and moving while no longer having to live with painfully fitted shoes and pain in their feet.

Diabetics are also prone to foot injuries and require foot injury treatment in Elgin. Diabetes damages the nervous system, which extends to the foot and results in sufferers being unable to feel any sensation in their feet. It can affect walking and other movements by breaking down the skin on the feet and leading to pressure on the joints, skin and bones of the foot. Orthotics help ease this and cushion the foot. Properly fitted shoes can also help. Without well fitted shoes, patients may develop sores or blisters that make it even harder to walk. This can lead to infection or worse problems over time which aggravate the foot and lead to conditions such as bunions or hammertoe.

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