Foot infection Streamwood

Foot Infection Streamwood

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Diagnosing and treating foot infections in Streamwood

Foot care is a part of a person’s health that can easily go overlooked. We’re on our feet all day and we rely on them regularly from one place to another, but how often do we make sure we’re taking care of our feet? Here at Alm Foot Care, you can get the comprehensive foot care you need no matter what is ailing you, offering excellent podiatric care and surgical care if needed. If you need help for a suspected foot infection in Streamwood, Dr. Walter A. Alm and our entire podiatric team are here to here to help.

Dr. Walter A. Alm has been the head of Alm Foot Care where he has offered stellar foot care to patients of all ages here in Elgin IL and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. Open six days a week, we offer a wide variety of services and can help provide care for a number of different foot and ankle related concerns. For many, foot care is often only sought out when a particular set of symptoms arises, when an accident or injury occurs, or when a specific condition develops, but people with chronic foot issues, diabetes and other concerns routine foot care may be a necessity. People who have diabetes are at particular risk for foot issues like infections, and these infections can be dangerous. In some cases, diabetic patients need to have toes or their entire appendage amputation to deal with the spread of infection. But other things can cause foot infections, too, such as untreated ingrown nails, open sores, and other problems. Here at our state of the art facility, Dr. Alm can make sure that your feet are well taken care of, that you are provided with the proper treatment, and that whatever issues you have resolve adequately.

Some of the other foot issues we offer services for include Achilles Tendonitis, Athlete’s Foot, Bunions, Pediatric Foot Problems, Corns and Calluses, Other Diabetic Foot Conditions, Flat Feet, Fungal Nails, Gout, Hammertoes, and more. For help with a foot infection in Streamwood or any of the other issues listed above, visit Alm Foot Care today.

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