Bunion treatment in Elgin

Bunion Treatment in Elgin

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Wishing you could hop into a time machine and warp into the days of old when your feet didn’t feel so leathery…and painful? Well, you’re in luck—not about the time machine, but about the rest. Get those bothersome bunions (finally) taken care of. All you have to do is swing by Alm Foot Care. You won’t find a better place for bunion treatment in Elgin.

It’s not a simple task tracking the cause of those annoying leathery growths—they can be traced back to several different culprits. One of the cornerstones for its development is genetic predisposition, which is only further nurtured by lifestyle choices. Afflicted by over-pronation? This automatically increases the odd of developing bunions. Unorthodox biomechanics of the phalangeal joint (found inside the metatarsal) causes it to destabilize. Then there’s footwear. While it isn’t a direct contributor to the growth of bunions, it surely doesn’t make dealing with them any easier. Wearing ill-fitted shoes, sneakers, or heels exacerbates symptoms even further. Some other (not so common) bunion-contributors include: limb-length discrepancies (uneven leg length), neuromuscular disorders (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease or polio), and trauma (nerve injuries, fractures, and sprains). While this information is valuable, don’t rely on it to guesstimate what’s causing your bunions. Err on the side of caution (as often as possible) by seeing a professional who has the tools, resources, and know-how to properly evaluate and assess your condition. Sound good? Now all you have to do is pay Alm Foot Care a visit and treat yourself to bunion treatment in Elgin.

And that’s all there is to it. Now the ball is in your court—what play are you running with? Hopefully the one involving picking up the phone and calling Alm Foot Care. Then schedule an appointment. After that, you’ll be shortly on the way to bunion treatment in Elgin.

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