Orthotics in Streamwood

Orthotics in Streamwood

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Alm Foot Care creates orthotics in Streamwood for patients who need them. Custom orthotics are done Monday through Friday at our offices during business hours and made for patients who need quick relief. For over 30 years our doctor, Dr. Walter Alm, specialize in non-surgical treatment of a variety of foot disorders and diseases. This includes treatment for ingrown toenails, heel pain, foot and ankle problems and pediatric podiatry.

The most common cause of foot injury and ankle pain is trauma. Intense sports and workouts can also cause injury. Runners more prone to foot and ankle pain and are more apt to get tendonitis. Our goal is to provide patients with immediate pain relief and treatment options that work for them. Foot orthotics in Streamwood, which are custom made shoes, are something we specialize in for patients who suffer from foot problems like heel pain, hammertoes and bunions. Bunions are a progressive foot condition that affects the joint of the big toe. If the bunions become extremely restrictive, surgery is an option. This may relieve bunions permanently. The goal of orthotic therapy is to provide support to the patient in the form of a comfortable shoe. Many diabetics benefit from foot orthotics. Diabetics often damages the nervous system, which extends to the foot and results in sufferers being unable to feel sensation in their feet. Orthotics can help ease this condition and properly fitted shoes can also help.

Besides orthotics in Streamwood we also handle care for bunions, corns and calluses, ankle pain and Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis creates pain in the heel due to inflammation. Over time, the pain gets worse and it makes it difficult to walk. This can be due to wearing improper footwear with poor heel support. Athletic foot injuries can be difficult to diagnose because the foot is constantly under stress and can be subject to injury at any time.

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