Orthotics in Elgin

Orthotics in Elgin

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When you suffer foot pain, protrusions, or other challenges, it’s always best if you can benefit from the simplest, most comfortable, effective treatment possible. That’s what we at Alm Foot Care provide with foot orthotics, custom-fitted inserts that go inside your shoes to offer impressive results.

Orthotics are available over-the-counter in drug stores, supermarkets, and other retail outlets. And while they are fine in a pinch, or for minor issues, those generic one-size-fits-all items cannot compare to our orthotics in Elgin. Ours are made just for you, and to address the specific issues that you’re facing. That means better outcomes and more rapid healing. There are many conditions for which our orthotics in Elgin are useful, including hammertoes, bunions, heel pain, flat feet, and fallen arches. They will either redistribute your weight so it does not fall disproportionately on a particular joint or tendon; or supply much needed cushioning. Often, the reason you suffer with foot concerns is that your current shoes are simply not giving you the level of support that you require. When you come in to see our foot doctor, your feet will be measured, and molds are then taken so that the orthotics are perfectly sized for you. In some cases, they may be used in conjunction with other methods, such as medication, physical therapy, exercises, or injections. But just as often, your orthotics may be all you need to achieve the desired outcome. Of course, the only way to be certain of what treatment is best suited to your needs will be for you to get examined by our foot doctor. X-rays may also be required to reach a conclusive diagnosis.

Our orthotics in Elgin have many uses, so why not discover if you should be taking advantage of them? Just reach out to our office to schedule an appointment to see our foot doctor.

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